NDZ #Glocktober 2019 Festivities

You are in for a month-long sweet treat, all pew-pew with zero regrets, pumpkin spice, and crisp special edition sets for your Glocks. As October continues and the weather begins to cool down our sales start to heat up. This October (or as we like to call it Glocktober) we are offering special edition orange kits for your firearms. Our Glocktober special edition orange kits will fit your Glock 43x, 48, gen. 5, gen. 4, and gen. 1-3. Our unique kits are laser engravable with the same image on all parts. You can choose one image from over 2,000 images found in the image library on our website. Get into the holiday spirit and see just how sweet these special edition kits will look on your Glock.

                We are a few days into October and our sales have just begun. This week starting on the 4th of October until the 10th of October 2019 are offering up to 15% off of select accessories for your Glock. Check out our sales over at https://www.ndzperformance.com, including our Special Edition Orange Glocktober kit available for your Glock 43X & Glock 48, Glock G1-3, Glock G4, and Glock G5.

Now for a little History on your Glock Generations 1-3.

Glock gen. 1 first came in 1982 and was well loved by military along with police personnel worldwide for its accuracy and capability to be carried.  

The Glock gen. 2 was introduced to the general public in 1988 with checkering added to the front and rear of the grip to assist with better grip support.

The Glock gen. 3 hit the general public in 1995 and featured finger grooves and a light rail. The finger grooves assisted with grip support and provided a more secure hold for the user. The light rail allowed for accessories to be easily added on, unlike the previous models.

A little information on the newest additions to the Glock family, 43x and the 48.

                                                   Your 43x might look like a smaller version of your 48, but there are a few key differences. The 43x is the perfect size for carrying and just a little bit smaller with its slide and barrel size in comparison to the 48. What this means for you is the 43x on average has capability for a lesser accuracy from a distance due to its smaller site range, but the 48x on average has a higher accuracy rate due to its longer site range. The 43x though with a smaller barrel and slide can be concealed easier and is lighter by 2 ounces so its drawing rate is faster than the 48. Now the similarities.

                                                   The Glock 43x and 48 both share the same polymer frame with standard Glock stippling. Both the Glock 43x and 48 share the same height measuring in at 5.04 inches tall and 1.10 inches wide. This slim frame makes both the 43x and 48 light and in turn with easier to carry. The Glock 43x and 48 shoot 9mm and have a 10-round capability so which ever one you choose or already own; you get the same sweet deal on both. In conclusion both the Glock 43x and 48 have massive capability to be the perfect firearm for you, but have slight differences that may make one over the other a better fit for you.

Do you prefer the 43x or the 48? Comment on one of our recent Instagram post ( https://www.instagram.com/p/B27S6IuACXM/ )  with your thoughts, we would love to hear them!