#Glocktober 2019 Week Three

                 Glocktober continues and our Special Edition Orange is hot, hot, hot. October 11th until the 18th 2019 brings in a new sale week. This week you can enjoy 15% OFF on select Glock guide rods, extended slide lock levers, and magazine releases. We are also offering 10% off of Glock Gen 4 Special Edition Orange Kits & Ameriglo Classic & 1-Dot Sight Sets. Check it out here.

 Now for a little Glock history…

Glock’s Gen 4 pistol was released back in 2010, with a slightly smaller base than the Gen 3. What was and still is monumental about the Gen 4 is that the magazine catches where made reversible so this firearm could be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters. On top of the Gen 4’s ambidextrous feature, the Glock Gen 4 has a dual magazine spring which helps to reduce recoil.


In addition to this week’s Glocktober sales, next week we will offer new sales on different select Glock upgrades and accessories including the Glock G5 Special Edition Orange Kit.

Also check out our new Glock 43x & 48 parts and accessories, including magazine finger extensions, slide racker plates and much more! Check it out here. Coming soon are Glock 43x & 48 +2 Mag extensions.