Thanksgiving & The Firearms Used To Hunt in 1621

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The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 and was celebrated by Pilgrims and Native Americans but is now celebrated by Millions of Americans. On average “46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving”1, but how did the Pilgrims hunt for their Thanksgiving feast? Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower brought multiple firearms with them but would have hunted Turkey with Blunderbuss shotguns, Snaphaunce locks, or Matchlock Muskets. The firearm of choice during this time would have been the Matchlock Musket due to it being an affordable firearm. Pistols back in the 1600’s where not affordable for most settlers, so Matchlock muskets were the go-to alternative but required a lot of work to maintain and even use.

The Matchlock device was first manufactured in the 15th century and worked by pouring black gun powder into the firing pan, a small hole that holds gun powder, then filling the barrel end. A person would then drop a lead musket ball into the barrel end , use a ramrod,  “a rod for ramming home the charge in a muzzle-loading firearm”2, blow upon their lit match cord, fit it into jaws of the serpentine or the area the cord rests, and then pull the trigger. While loading a person had to make sure they cleared excess powder from the outside of the gun and had to make sure the length of their cord was long enough or the gun would not even fire. Since these firearms didn’t have sights, accuracy was very limited and typically a person would not hit their target unless they were close to their target. On average it could take up to a minute or more to load a Matchlock musket, which wouldn’t be practical in modern times but in the 1600’s worked for hunting. The Matchlock set up of a firearm was the starting point for hand-held firearms development and the first firearm to have a trigger. This monumental development shows in our current firearms, but we have stepped away from using loose black powder and improved safety massively.

The Matchlock musket trigger design can be seen in practically all firearms these days since most require a pull back and have some sort of firing mechanism or pin. A great example can be seen in newer pistols like the Glock 48 and the Sig P365. Now most pistols these days have a semi-automatic feed, meaning for every shot you don’t have to load in black powder and prime it for fire. What can be seen though is that the trigger when pulled back engages the striking pin and sends the bullet on its way, similarly to the Matchlock musket but with less steps, more compact ability, and superior accuracy.



Anodized 3D Laser Deep Engraved (LDE) Patterned Rear Plates

LDE stands for laser deep engraving, a process in which a high-pressure laser melts and or evaporates the material in its programed path; The laser leaves behind a pressed in or raised pattern. There are two type of 3D laser deep engraved (LDE) pattern rear plates. One is a regular indented pattern and the other is an inverse of the same pattern, similar to when you take a photo with a film camera you have a negative, the negative when developed produces a positive.

The positive, or the regular pattern has stamped out portions that are the opposite of our inverse patterns. Both versions look cool and provide grip since they both have intended portions.

The LDE pattern rear plates provide more grip. More grip means more control over your firearm and less chance of slipping. The inlay design provides extra texture.

The LDE pattern rear plates are available in four colors with five different pattern designs. The colors available are black, silver, gold and red. The designs available are diamond cut, honey comb, tri-weave, scale & the NDZ logo, all in inverse pattern or original pattern. Our most popular patterns to date are the original diamond cut and the inverse scale.

In addition to our LDE rear plates, we also have anodized flat rear plate replacements without deep engraving available that provide classic sheen and a slick look.  You can still customize and jazz up your firearm in the best way possible with these options.

These are available in a wider range of colors: black, gold, pink, red, purple, blue, silver, green & even cerakote color options. You have the ability to pick from our wide range of over 1,500 images to add to your rear plate to give your firearm pieces an original custom look.

We also have brass rear plates as a new addition to the line up.

 In the meantime, check out all of our LDE pattern rear plate options!

Sig Sauer P365

Glock Gen 1-4

Glock Gen 5

Sig Sauer P320


S&W M&P Shield

Springfield Armory XD-S

Video on how to clean your laser deep engraved and regular anodized parts in next blog post!


I am Geonna, the author of the newest NDZ blogs. My firearms experience is pretty extensive. When I turned twelve, I earned my firearms hunting license and transitioned into competitive rifle shooting two years later. I still maintain my hunters license and compete from time to time in smaller competitions.  Recently I earned my concealed carry permit.

Over the years I have use many firearms. Right now my favorite firearm overall has to be the Sig p365. The recoil isn’t that snappy and it fits in my hand really well.  What fascinates me the most about firearms is the history of how they have developed and improved over the years. I strive to deliver interesting facts about firearms and extend some great NDZ sales to you. So please sit down, relax, and prepare yourself for an interesting read! Thank you!


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Here is a history recap and some extra information about Glock.

In 1963, in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, Glock was created. Eager business man and manufacturer of molding parts Gaston Glock begun his journey into creating a firearm empire. In its early stages, Glock started out as a company producing “a line of knives, grenade casings and machine gun belt links”1 but did not produce its first gun until the early 1980s. The first Glock run of Gen 1 started off in Austria as a response to wrapping up The Cold War, improving gun reliability, and safety for Austria’s military. The cold war took place from 1947- 1991. Austria was a “Cold War neutral state. It played a crucial role as a mediator and ‘bridge builder’ between East and West.”2 To reduce the chance of accidental firearm discharge, Gaston Glock offered a firearm with “three internal safeties – the trigger, firing pin and drop safeties.”3 Word of the Glock Gen 1 spread and the Glock Gen 1 soon after was sold in the USA.

 Over the years Glock produced many pistols and accessories. Below is a chart to show some of the more popular models and the dates that they were released.


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Now a little history on the Glock Gen 5.

The Glock Gen 5 was released in 2017 and went back to a sleek hand grip. This pistol also features a removable mounting plate. A removable mounting plate makes it easy for the user to install a red dot sight. The Glock Gen 5 has a flared magazine well making it a lot easier and quicker to reload, and also provides a higher grip. Just like the previous Gen 4, the Gen 5 has the capability to be for both right and left handed users.

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 Now for a little Glock history…

Glock’s Gen 4 pistol was released back in 2010, with a slightly smaller base than the Gen 3. What was and still is monumental about the Gen 4 is that the magazine catches where made reversible so this firearm could be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters. On top of the Gen 4’s ambidextrous feature, the Glock Gen 4 has a dual magazine spring which helps to reduce recoil.


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Now for a little History on your Glock Generations 1-3.

Glock gen. 1 first came in 1982 and was well loved by military along with police personnel worldwide for its accuracy and capability to be carried.  

The Glock gen. 2 was introduced to the general public in 1988 with checkering added to the front and rear of the grip to assist with better grip support.

The Glock gen. 3 hit the general public in 1995 and featured finger grooves and a light rail. The finger grooves assisted with grip support and provided a more secure hold for the user. The light rail allowed for accessories to be easily added on, unlike the previous models.

A little information on the newest additions to the Glock family, 43x and the 48.

                                                   Your 43x might look like a smaller version of your 48, but there are a few key differences. The 43x is the perfect size for carrying and just a little bit smaller with its slide and barrel size in comparison to the 48. What this means for you is the 43x on average has capability for a lesser accuracy from a distance due to its smaller site range, but the 48x on average has a higher accuracy rate due to its longer site range. The 43x though with a smaller barrel and slide can be concealed easier and is lighter by 2 ounces so its drawing rate is faster than the 48. Now the similarities.

                                                   The Glock 43x and 48 both share the same polymer frame with standard Glock stippling. Both the Glock 43x and 48 share the same height measuring in at 5.04 inches tall and 1.10 inches wide. This slim frame makes both the 43x and 48 light and in turn with easier to carry. The Glock 43x and 48 shoot 9mm and have a 10-round capability so which ever one you choose or already own; you get the same sweet deal on both. In conclusion both the Glock 43x and 48 have massive capability to be the perfect firearm for you, but have slight differences that may make one over the other a better fit for you.

Do you prefer the 43x or the 48? Comment on one of our recent Instagram post ( )  with your thoughts, we would love to hear them!